About NetworkUpdater

NetworkUpdater is a personal alert service for Twitter and Facebook. It lets you receive an email alert whenever one or more of your selected friends or followers changes one or more things on their profile.

You choose your friends and you choose how often you would like to receive an update. You can set alerts for either Twitter, Facebook or both. You can manage your alerts from one simple account that requires no registration. Simply sign in with either Facebook or Twitter. You can unsubscribe from your alerts at any moment. You can also change the people you receive alerts for at any time.

NetworkUpdater is based in The Netherlands. It was founded as a side-project by Jeroen Bertrams.

Development was done by Joris Leermakers (also the guy who develops Foodzy) and design was created by Richard de Ruijter.

We hope you like this service!

Note: NetworkUpdater is no part of Twitter or Facebook.

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